Jacquie Watkins Review

This customer placed her order on February 23rd. As stated in the shop announcement, the listing and at checkout, production time is 10 business days before shipping. The order then shipped on March 9th and was delivered on March 13th: just 18 days after delivery. Then on May 18th, Jacquie left this extremely false review:

As you can tell, it is much different than the edited version that is now on Etsy. This review was 100% inaccurate as I've already mentioned, the order was delivered in just 18 days. Therefore she did NOT order over a month in advance. We also had NO communication from her prior to this review and it shipped on the 9th as it was supposed to. I contacted her and she immediately became ugly and defensive. So, I threatened a defamation suit as it was apparent she was deliberately and blatantly lying about my business and this transaction for whatever reason. She then edited her review which as you can see, proves that she didn't actually read anything prior to purchasing and that I shipped on time. While I'm happy that she removed the lies, she still goes on to blame me. Had she just contacted me and let me know that she didn't order in time and that it missed her event date, I would have allowed a return but she didn't. Instead she chose this route. 

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